Friday, 26 February 2016

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

Early this week, some of our Year 10 employees began their third hub rotation. They are now studying painting and decorating at Nightingale School in Tooting, where some of our Year 11 employees are already learning.

Our second Year 10 class have begun their Creative Industries taster course on site. As you can see in the video below, in their first session they made rapid progress and development in their use of line. 

Later in the week, inspired by Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, they created these fantastic faces from fruit and vegetables.

Year 11 employees have begun compiling portfolios for Unit 5 of their Art and Design BTEC course and we’re looking forward to seeing their final presentations in two weeks. 

As young artists, creating a strong portfolio is a vital skill that will serve our learners well if they pursue a career in this field.

On Friday, all Year 11 employees attended an interview skills workshop at Oval House. They spent the day honing their ability to present themselves as employable young adults and we’re confident that they’ll benefit from this experience in the very near future.

Congratulations to Year 11 employee Lilly! Her excellent work ethic has resulted in her second consecutive ‘Star Employee’ certificate. 

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