Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Season's Greetings

Our employees have been sitting mock GCSE exams in preparation for their formal exams next year, but we’ve still found time to indulge in some festive fun. Below you can see a few more creations from our BTEC Art and Design students.

In more good news, Year 11 employee Precious has been reflecting on her work experience placement at BFI Southbank in October. Here’s what she thought of the opportunity…

‘My work experience placement was at the British Film Institute. My responsibilities were…

· Supporting children's animation workshops
· Preparing and assembling equipment
· Printing pictures for the children to use
· Keeping the children on schedule

I had to work from 9 until 2 each day, with an optional film screening at the end of each day.’

When asked if the placement was relevant to her line of learning at Passport and/or her career aspirations…

‘Both. Camerawork and art practices that I’ve learned at Passport meant that I was familiar with the equipment at the BFI. Working with children was good for my current career plan (youth work) as I’d like to work with the same age group in future.

I learned the necessary communication techniques needed for working with young people. I also learned about the animation process and workflow.

I enjoyed meeting staff there and gaining contacts inside and outside the BFI. It was also nice to interact with young people. I enjoyed learning about animation as it was new to me and I’m going to be studying it at Passport next year, so I already have a head start. I didn’t like waking up earlier than usual and travelling further than I normally need to!’

From all of the staff at Passport to Employability, we hope you have a restful Christmas break, and we look forward to a productive new year.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Branching Out

We’ve had a very busy few weeks at Passport to Employability. The first highlight we’d like to share is the result that Year 11 Jordan achieved for his mock Maths exam paper…

…Jordan is now working hard to ensure that he achieves an even higher result in the Summer.

On November 8th, Year 11 employees following the Creative Industries line of learning visited a commercial carpentry workshop, where they constructed the Christmas trees they have been designing in their BTEC Art and Design classes. Below you can enjoy a few photos from their visit... 

...As well as a video documenting their creative journey.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Work Skills

Year 11 employee Precious, who is currently following the Creative Industries line of learning, has secured a work experience placement at BFI Southbank. She interviewed for the post last week and her feedback was very positive…

‘It was lovely to meet Precious today. She’s very enthusiastic which is about the most important quality that I’m looking for!  She’s also very sweet and will fit in well.’ –BFI Film Tutor/ Family Learning Programmer

The rest of our employees are busy preparing for mock exams next week in advance of their impending GCSE examinations. However, they’ve still found time to create some more interesting 3D designs for Level 2 BTEC Art and Design…

We look forward to bringing you a moving image record of their work after half term. In the meantime, you can admire some of the work produced by Passport alumna Lilly, who is currently studying Floristry at Lewisham Southwark College.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Our Year 11 Creative Industries learners have produced some fantastic wireframe models for Unit 4 of their Art and Design Level 2 BTEC course.


They’ve also begun developing ideas for a promotional video for Passport to Employability for Unit 2 of their Creative Digital Media Production BTEC. Unit 2 requires them to plan and pitch a digital media product. We look forward to showing you their work as it develops.

Our learners have started the year just as well in core subjects. Below you can see Jordan and Jordon working together on a Maths problem, a perfect representation of the teamwork skills that we develop with our employees, and which they will require when they pursue their various future vocations.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Back to the Future

We're back, and already looking ahead... Our Year 11 employees have returned from their Summer break with focus and determination. New Year 10 starters have hit the ground running in core subjects while Year 11s are continuing with their chosen lines of learning.

This week our Creative Industries employees began Unit 4 of their Art and Design Level 2 BTEC course. They’ve already produced some fantastic 3D work…


And in case you haven’t heard, the Passport Programme has grown…

Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Passport Programme Has Grown

We're thrilled to bring you our latest video, in which Year 11 leavers Jodi and Luis share their experiences of Passport to Employability. See for yourself how the Passport Programme has grown this year...

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


As our Year 10 employees begin their final week of teaching before mock exams next week, we’d like to share a few more stills they’ve produced for Unit 10 of Creative and Digital Media Production (First Certificate). Here is a small snapshot of their work.

Next week, we’ll be bringing you a video looking back on the past academic year at Passport to Employability. See you next week!

Monday, 27 June 2016


Today’s post looks back on a week in which our Year 10 Creative Industries learners submerged themselves in the Creative Arts. 
On Tuesday, the cohort visited the Southbank Centre to admire and review various installations for their Bronze Arts Award portfolios.

Installations included Yoshitomo Nara’s Marching on the Butterbur Leaf at The Hayward Gallery and the Conceptual Poetics exhibition at the Poetry Library at Royal Festival Hall.

Click here for Keon's reflections on the day and here for Precious' thoughts on the works of art that the group encountered.

Students also indulged in some photography to support their BTEC Art & Design and Creative Digital Media portfolios. You can enjoy a few of their shots below, taken in the Roof Garden at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the same employees pushed on with building their Media portfolios. To the right, Christiana organises the work she has produced so far for Unit 10 (Digital Photography for a Media Product).

On Friday, the group returned to the Southbank Centre, this time to enjoy short films from student filmmakers responding to this year’s ‘Le Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse’ film education programme. Inspired by the work on display, our employees hope to follow next year’s programme, and to introduce their own film at next year’s showcase.

They finished the day with some observational drawing in the Roof Garden; a fitting end to a week of non-stop creativity.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Fond Farewell

Year 10 employees have a week of non-stop creativity ahead of them, as they each work towards achieving their BTEC First Certificates (Art and Design and Creative Digital Media Production) and Bronze Arts Award. 

As they get started, we look back on last week’s work, which included another fruitful portrait photography session, both inside and out.

We also said goodbye to our Year 11 cohort last week as they completed the last of their GCSE examinations. We look forward to seeing them on Results Day if not before. In the meantime, their testimonies will form part of a reflective video that we will publish at the end of term, looking back on an eventful year at Passport to Employability.

Early next week, we'll reflect on this week's focus on Creative Arts. In the meantime, follow us @Pp2eProgramme for updates on our employees' artistic explorations.

Friday, 10 June 2016

A New Angle

This week began with an expedition to Myatt’s Field Park, during which our Year 10 Creative Industries employees completed some photography and observational drawing exercises for their Level 2 BTEC First Certificates (Art and Design/ Creative Digital Media Production).

Experimenting with different lenses, shutter speeds, apertures and camera angles, they captured some beautiful shots of the local scenery.

‘As it was my first time using the SLR camera I was able to look at things like the zoom, changing the perspective of things, and using automatic or manual modes. 

I was able to see and learn new things, I had the chance to see plants I’ve never seen before and was able to capture them on camera.’ -Precious

You can enjoy a selection of Precious' photos below.

As well as producing some excellent sketchwork, Keon also practised using high shutter speeds to capture subjects in motion, whether they were local dogs or his Media Assessor!


Later in the week, Year 10 employee Christiana took the reins in her Maths lesson, leading her class through the tricky subject of angles created by parallel lines. 

She earned the title of Maths Star of the Week; a fantastic way to end our first week back! 

Friday, 27 May 2016

Divine Inspiration

This week began with our Year 10 Creative Industries employees venturing to St John the Divine Kennington for further inspiration for Unit 3 of Level 2 BTEC Art and Design. 

Below you can enjoy a selection of photos from the trip, including a mixed media piece produced by Keon upon his return to our Creative Industries hub.

Our Year 11 employees sat their GCSE Maths exam on Thursday morning, and left feeling confident that their commitment to revision had paid off.

As we approach the half term break, we look forward to the final six weeks of teaching, in which our Year 10 Creative Industries employees will begin working for their Silver Arts Award and make further progress on their Level 2 BTEC courses in Art and Design and Creative Digital Media Production.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Caught in the Web

This week, creativity has spilled out of the classroom. Year 10 employees following the Creative Industries pathway embarked on a trip to Myatt’s Corner Café to find inspiration for their sketch work.

You can see them at work in the video below, as well as a glimpse of their output, which will contribute to their portfolios for Unit 3 of BTEC Art and Design.

Meanwhile, Year 11 Creative Industries employees have been working indoors, building websites for Unit 6 of BTEC Creative and Digital Media Production. 

After Monday’s Media exam, they’re relishing the opportunity to jump back into a creative exercise. We look forward to sharing some of their finished products next week.

In other exam news, more students have achieved their ECDL certificates and more have passed their Functional Skills exams. Our Year 11 employees spent Friday in their second of three revision workshops in preparation for their GCSE Maths exam on May 26th. Join us in wishing them every success next week!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Heating Up

As the weather improves, so do the prospects of our learners as they continue to sit their GCSE examinations. This week, Year 11 employee Tyrese passed another Functional Skills exam; English Reading.

More Year 10 employees have completed their ECDL ICT qualification. Their certificates will be arriving with us shortly.

Year 11 employees following the Creative Industries pathway have been revising hard for Monday’s Creative Digital Media Production Unit 1 exam. Before they finish the course, they have one more unit to complete; Website Production. We look forward to sharing their finished websites, and sharing their experiences of Monday’s exam.