Friday, 10 June 2016

A New Angle

This week began with an expedition to Myatt’s Field Park, during which our Year 10 Creative Industries employees completed some photography and observational drawing exercises for their Level 2 BTEC First Certificates (Art and Design/ Creative Digital Media Production).

Experimenting with different lenses, shutter speeds, apertures and camera angles, they captured some beautiful shots of the local scenery.

‘As it was my first time using the SLR camera I was able to look at things like the zoom, changing the perspective of things, and using automatic or manual modes. 

I was able to see and learn new things, I had the chance to see plants I’ve never seen before and was able to capture them on camera.’ -Precious

You can enjoy a selection of Precious' photos below.

As well as producing some excellent sketchwork, Keon also practised using high shutter speeds to capture subjects in motion, whether they were local dogs or his Media Assessor!


Later in the week, Year 10 employee Christiana took the reins in her Maths lesson, leading her class through the tricky subject of angles created by parallel lines. 

She earned the title of Maths Star of the Week; a fantastic way to end our first week back! 

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