Friday, 29 January 2016

The Force Awakens...

After demonstrating stellar commitment to his work at Myatt’s Corner Café, Year 10 employee Dylan was asked to help cater for a formal event at Park Campus on Tuesday. 

He arrived to work at 6.30am and performed in an exemplary fashion throughout the day.

He and fellow Year 10 employees Shanay and Shakai visited The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton on Thursday to watch and review ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ for their Bronze Arts Award. The force is strong with these employees…

Shanay has also worked incredibly well at Myatt’s Corner Café over the past few weeks. This week, she is our guest blogger and photographer…

‘I have been learning how to use knives the professional way, how to make cakes from scratch, how to set out garnish (how to arrange the salad), how to use a knife sharpener so knives don’t get blunt, how to interact with customers, how to use the till and how to use the coffee machine.

This is the main bit of the kitchen where we cook. Most of the time it’s just me, Shakai, Eddie (the executive chef) and Garfield (the chef) in the kitchen. Sometimes we have to switch so Dylan and Samantha will be in the kitchen or even Steph. I’m used to being in the kitchen so I’m not really on the till as much. Although this time I was serving more.

This is the machine that makes coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Dylan, Samantha, Jan and Steph are normally on it, and take it in turns.

This is the till. It looks simple but it’s not. Steph, Jan, Samantha or Dylan normally take it in turns on the till because they are much better than me and Shakai at it.

Here are some of the tables in the café where customers would eat their food but sometimes customers get a takeaway. 

One of my skills is I can now bake from scratch and don’t have to use cake mix. I have made sponge cakes and cupcakes and I will be learning how to professionally make banoffee pie from scratch.

The main thing I found challenging was having to go and serve dishes and speak to customers because it is awkward having to meet new people. 

I overcame this by watching other café employees talk to customers and I noticed it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I think I would be able to work in a place like this in the future because I am really good at it now. It would be a good part time job whilst I’m in college.

I could improve on using the till because one day Samantha, Dylan, Jan or Steph might want to be in the kitchen and we might be short-staffed so I might have to be on till.’ -Shanay

Shanay even accepted an offer to support the staff at Myatt’s Corner Café with their Friday afternoon rush…

‘I am going to start going to the café on a Friday and I don’t normally so I will be looking forward to that.’

Friday, 22 January 2016

Pitch Perfect

Congratulations to Year 11 employees Luis and Lilly who completed Unit 2 of their BTEC First Certificate in Creative Digital Media Production. They pitched their idea for a digital media product (a promotional video for Passport to Employability) by creating a pitch video that not only featured strong verbal communication but also demonstrated their production skills; a novel way to impress their client.

Year 11 employee Deaquan has been learning on the job, studying for NCFE Level 1 Occupational Studies; Construction Skills. His employers have nothing but good things to report!

Luis and fellow Year 11 Jodi spent Friday studying and interpreting the work of artists Mondrian and Basquiat.

Year 10 employee Dylan, currently enjoying work experience at Myatt’s Corner Café, has been selected to help cater for a formal event next week. We look forward to sharing his success in our next blog post!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Let Them Eat Cake!

This week, our Year 10 employees began their new hub rotation. We stopped by Myatt’s Corner Café to see how four of our Year 10s were faring as they learned to prepare and serve food to the public in a high-pressure work environment. Pictured above is Shanay, serving a cake made entirely by Year 10 Dylan (our guest blogger this week), who arrived at work early so that she could prepare the dessert.

'My name is Dylan and I have been on the Passport Programme since September 28th 2015.
At Myatt’s Corner Café, I have been learning how to use the coffee machine and work at the till. I’ve also made a Mars and Nutella cheesecake. 

I have found it challenging when customers get a bit demanding but I overcame that by noticing that in work you have to remain professional at all times. I could work in a place like this in the future but it isn’t something I’ve got a passion for. I am looking forward to working in the kitchen next week.' -Dylan

Year 10 employees also began their new Life Skills course ‘Something About Life’. This week, they learned how to wash different fabrics and which items of clothing are safe to iron. 

These skills will afford our young learners the independence they need to thrive later in life.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Huge congratulations to Year 11 Tyrese who is our first employee this year to secure a sixth form college place (at City of Westminster College). 

This is a testament to not only Tyrese’s efforts but to the efforts of our Exams Administrator Justin Samuels who is supporting Year 11 employees through the college application process.

Year 11 employees are moving closer towards achieving their Creative Digital Media Production BTEC (First Certificate) by beginning Unit 2 (Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product). 

To the left, Lilly can be seen preparing for the group's first production meeting, during which they heard each other’s ideas for a promotional video for Passport to Employability. 

Working successfully in this collaborative manner is an essential skill that we strive to develop in our young learners.