Friday, 15 January 2016

Let Them Eat Cake!

This week, our Year 10 employees began their new hub rotation. We stopped by Myatt’s Corner Café to see how four of our Year 10s were faring as they learned to prepare and serve food to the public in a high-pressure work environment. Pictured above is Shanay, serving a cake made entirely by Year 10 Dylan (our guest blogger this week), who arrived at work early so that she could prepare the dessert.

'My name is Dylan and I have been on the Passport Programme since September 28th 2015.
At Myatt’s Corner Café, I have been learning how to use the coffee machine and work at the till. I’ve also made a Mars and Nutella cheesecake. 

I have found it challenging when customers get a bit demanding but I overcame that by noticing that in work you have to remain professional at all times. I could work in a place like this in the future but it isn’t something I’ve got a passion for. I am looking forward to working in the kitchen next week.' -Dylan

Year 10 employees also began their new Life Skills course ‘Something About Life’. This week, they learned how to wash different fabrics and which items of clothing are safe to iron. 

These skills will afford our young learners the independence they need to thrive later in life.

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