Friday, 31 March 2017

Spring Forward

This term, we’ve celebrated a wealth of good news at Passport to Employability. Year 11 employees Keon and Precious have been awarded their Bronze Arts Award certificates.

Year 11 employee Christiana achieved a Level 2 Pass in her January Creative Digital Media Production exam, and Year 11 Jordan has passed Level 2 Functional Skills Mathematics.

Our NCFE Photography learners have now completed their Level 1 qualification. Below you can see Dean and Leon working together on their creations for Unit 2: Digital Image Manipulation.

They’ve now embarked on skills acquisition exercises for their next qualification: NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Moving Image Production. Last week, they studied the work of the earliest filmmakers; the Lumière Brothers. They then produced a montage of scenic shots that they captured in Myatt’s Field Park. They experimented with music and transitions to bring their videos to life.

‘I put my video into black and white as a tribute to the Lumière Brothers. I chose a piano piece for my music as this is what people would have heard in cinemas a hundred years ago.’ -Dean

This week, the learners built on their knowledge and understanding by filming a sequence that told a short story, based on the stimulus ‘lost and found’. To begin with, they drafted a story plan in pairs. Then, they scouted for locations in the local area.

Later in the morning, they devised shot lists and storyboards for their sequences.

In the afternoon, each pair helped the other shoot their respective sequences. After the Easter break, they’ll edit and evaluate their finished films. 

We look forward to sharing their finished work with you, and to charting their ongoing progress as they 'spring forward' into Year 11. 

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