Friday, 29 September 2017

Welcome To The Jungle

Our NCFE animators have progressed to animation tests using Kudlian’s I Can Animate, and they’ve been going wild with their 2D characters, as Year 10 employee Tiannon once again explains in her own words… 

‘Today I started by going onto a computer to find an animal silhouette that I liked, then I copied and pasted it into Word and printed it out. After that I cut out the chosen silhouette and traced it onto some black card and cut out the pieces. 

I used pins to create joints and positioned it into an accurate point where I could add my safety pins that would then allow my joints that were the ears and the neck of my rabbit, to move. 

After my joints were all pinned up I placed my animal on a chair with a white piece of paper for the background.

I then had to move my animal and capture images with my frames being 12 per second. While I was capturing images the software had a tool called onion-skinning which allowed me to see what my last image was so I know where and how to capture my next frame.

To save us from doing the next 12 frames we used the duplication tool to repeat an action and reverse it for example when I was capturing my rabbits ears opening out, I used the duplication tool and reversed it so when it reversed you’ll see the ears closing.

What I found challenging was when the background kept moving. What I could do next time to prevent this from happening is have a more secure background so it doesn’t waste any time.’ 

We look forward to showing you their 3D animation tests in the coming weeks…

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