Friday, 30 October 2015

Movie Magic

Back from the half-term break, our employees wasted no time in returning to their studies. On Tuesday, they were treated to another ‘Progression Day’, during which they polished their CVs and familiarised themselves with the college application process.

On Wednesday, our Year 11 employees participated in a Media skills workshop. Their brief was to create a short promotional video, advertising the Canon 1200D DSLR camera. First, they took portrait photographs of each other, and captured scenic shots of local plant life. 

They then edited these photographs in the application Paint.NET. After this, they created a short promotional video in Windows Movie Maker, demonstrating their new skills and showcasing the image quality that the Canon 1200D affords. Take a look at Lilly’s exemplary first attempt below.

On Thursday, our Year 10 employees met with the staff at Myatt’s Corner Café in preparation for their Hospitality and Catering course in January. Staff explained the importance of rigorous hygiene practices and outlined the basic duties that our employees will be undertaking. We look forward to seeing them in action after Christmas!

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