Friday, 9 October 2015

Taking the Reins

Last Friday, our most recent graduates attended a celebration evening at our new premises.  Family and friends were able to admire the work produced by our former employees, and the employees themselves were able to share with us their early experiences of further education.

Just as our former employees have taken life by the reins, Year 10 employees Shakai, Dylan, Samantha and Shanay have taken the reins of this week’s blog post. They reflect honestly on their taster course in Motor Vehicle Maintenance.

'My name is Shanay and I have been on the Passport Programme for two weeks. I have been working on motorbikes at Young Lewisham Project. I have been working with tools that I haven’t really worked with before. I have also taken off a wheel, seen what was wrong with it, and put it back on. Another thing I have done is putting in brakes. I wouldn’t mind working at the Young Lewisham Project next year but if I was to go there, I hope there would be some very challenging work to do. I am looking forward to my next task, which is catering.'

'My name is Samantha. I have  been on the Passport Programme for a week  and it's been a great experience. At the Young Lewisham Project, I learned how to change a motorbike wheel and how to clean the chains properly. I also cleaned some tools. I found it therapeutic (therapeutic means it was relaxing). I would love to go back to the Young Lewisham Project so I can learn new things.' 

'My name is Dylan and I have been on the Passport Programme since the September 28th. At the Young Lewisham Project, the activities I have undertaken are checking the wheels and tyres on a dirt bike.  The skills I have acquired are knowing the different sizes of bolts and when to use them during a job. Also I learned how to change sprockets and test the safety of the suspensions. I would like to work at the Young Lewisham Project next year because I enjoy it and I want to be a mechanic in the future.'

'My name is Shakai and I have been on the Passport Programme since March. I've been fixing motorbikes and normal bicycles. I made a hanging basket out of a bike helmet at the start and then moved on to other activities. I progressed by fixing punctures and checking if a bike brake needs fixing. I overcame some challenges such as picking up the hens and getting my hands dirty from oiling bikes.

'I'm looking forward to creating a whole new bike next year. I would like to be more creative next time and I will improve my punctuality.'

Our newest Year 11 cohort began experimenting with different patterns and textiles for Unit 1 of their BTEC Art and Design (First Certificate). Enjoy a brief Twidvid of their work from earlier in the week...

Finally, we’re pleased to announce that Luis was September’s employee of the month. He demonstrated excellent punctuality, behaviour and commitment to his studies.

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