Friday, 2 October 2015

Work and (The Scottish) Play

This week, our employees at the Young Lewisham Project (kick)started working on motorcycles. New starter Dylan, seen left saddling up, took an especially keen interest.

On Wednesday, Jodi and Luis visited Clapham Picturehouse to see Justin Kurzel’s film adaptation of 'Macbeth', as the play is a set text for their GCSE English Literature course. And the reviews are in…

'The way the film started was very powerful. It started on the battlefield... This caught my attention and I was intrigued as to what the film was going to be like.' -Jodi 

'I found it odd there being an army, half of which were adolescents. This only made the scene more powerful; seeing the teenage soldiers pass away on the battlefield.' -Luis

On Thursday, our Year 10 employees enjoyed a photography workshop, in which they learned basic principles such as depth of field and shutter speed. You can enjoy a selection of their photographs below.

On Friday, our employees began to look ahead to life after Passport, when they will rejoin mainstream education and pursue their chosen vocations. 

We look forward to charting their progress over the coming months.

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