Thursday, 12 November 2015

Le Cinéma... Part 2

Last week, our Year 10 employees began following a curriculum set by the international film education programme ‘Le Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse’. The theme behind this year’s curriculum is ‘climate’. You can view the work they produced for Exercises 1 and 2 here.

This week, Year 10 employee Shanay reflects on Exercises 1 and 2, and practices her analytical skills.

'Our first exercise was to record a minute of footage. There were no unexpected things that happened in mine but in Dylan’s a few unexpected things happened. In one shot, a woman walked past, three cars went past, and later on a bird flew past.

My second exercise was to make shots that were 10 seconds each but we had to make several of them. I think I enjoyed it because I haven’t done something like this before and it’s always nice to try something new. I thought it would have been boring but it wasn’t. I learned how to use the camera properly. I also learned how to use a tripod which I haven’t ever used before. I learned a bit of French as well.'

Year 10s also practiced some film analysis. They studied clips from two separate films, both featuring snowy landscapes, and observed the different ways in which weather is used in them. Here are Shanay's observations...

The Empire Strikes Back

'The weather was very snowy. It created a tense atmosphere because I didn’t know if they were going to survive. It affected their behaviour because they had to find shelter because of the weather. Also, if it were a nice sunny day, they wouldn’t have had to cut open the animal.'

Citizen Kane

'The weather in this clip was also very snowy. The little boy was happy at first. He was playing with snowballs and the sledge. It made me feel like I wanted to be there.'

Ahead of Exercise 3, our employees watched scenes from a selection of films and recreated their storyboards. This helped our employees to understand the purpose of different shot types, and how to plan their own films effectively. They even began mapping ideas for Exercise 3, which requires our employees to film the same short narrative in different weather conditions.

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