Thursday, 26 November 2015

Le Cinéma... Part 4

This week, Shakai and Samantha completed Exercise 1 of this year’s ‘Le Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse’ film education programme. We’ve added their ‘Météo Minutes’ to the collection we uploaded previously (see below).

Shakai also created his ‘Météo Montage’, a series of beautifully composed shots intended to accentuate the harsh Winter temperature.

Shanay edited her first sequence for Exercise 3. Exercise 3 requires our employees to film the same simple situation in several different weather conditions.

‘The only thing I would change is my actors so the same people don’t get fed up of being in my films. I would also make the scene easier to perform because the people I used didn’t know each other so it was a bit awkward for them. I would also add some different camera angles.’ -Shanay

The stimulus for Shanay's sequence was 'a secret'. As you can see, her first attempt was filmed in mild weather. We look forward to seeing how she approaches the sequence under harsher conditions. Dylan also filmed his first attempt at Exercise 3. Screenshots from his rushes can be seen below.

We wonder how different the first shot might look and feel without a low Winter sun creating such a distinct shadow on the wall, or how different the second shot might be without such an overpowering lens flare.

Next week, Dylan will be enhancing his already-proven editing skills by putting these shots into sequence.

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