Thursday, 19 November 2015

Le Cinéma... Part 3

New starter Christiana captured her ‘Météo Minute’ this week; a peaceful scene of tree boughs shaking in the wind. We’ve added it to the collection of minutes previously uploaded.

Her ‘Météo Montage’ followed a similar theme; a series of shots depicting and/or accentuating the wind. Christiana even decided to desaturate the colours in her montage; an homage to the films of the Lumière Brothers that she watched at the beginning of the session.

Other Year 10 employees moved onto Exercise 3, as Shanay explains…

‘We had to film a short scene in different weather conditions. I brain-stormed it at first then I wrote the treatment.’  

She storyboarded her scene, allowing her to plan the shoot more thoroughly. She’ll soon repeat the exercise to see how different weather conditions affect the way in which the scene is staged. 

‘It was challenging because I had to move the camera a lot and move around and speak. If I had to repeat the exercise, I would have planned it differently so my actors could understand more.’

We look forward to sharing her film once editing is complete. Dylan also began planning his Exercise 3 film. We look forward to watching him storyboard and shoot his film soon.

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